My new camera review.






Hello everyone. I am Kohei Kudo. It is October, and the temperature became more comfortable. I recently have been spending time only wearing T-shirts in the daytime, and 

I control my body temperature by wearing a shirt in the early morning or night time. I feel like it is the best season to shoot street snaps, however gloomy weather has been continuing these days. I really cannot see beautiful sunny days and keep having a good motivation to take photos these days…

Now I am going to stop complaining about the weather and start writing about the theme of this article. Actually, I have big news that I got a new camera. My main camera is Leica Q, and the sub camera is RICOH GR3. I was using RICOH GR3 a lot this summer because it was so hot in the entire summer season in 2020, and  I wanted to carry a lighter camera. In September, the temperature degreased, and I started to use Leica Q again. I fell in love with Leica Q again because I could notice how the camera can produce beautiful pictures and is very easy to use. 

Even though I felt like that, my strong motivation for shooting photos has gone because of bad weather, and I decided to get a new camera for a new experiment. For this article, I am going to write about my opinion of the new camera. Buy the way, the new camera is Fujifilm X100Ⅴ.