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FRAME TOKYO members interview vol.2

In this new project, the members of FRAME TOKYO interview each other to find out who they are which they don't usually talk about. In the second interview , Shunsuke Matsunaga interviews Yume Katsumi, who has her own unique world view.

Yume:For the second FRAME TOKYO member interview, I would like to ask Shunsuke to interview me. Thanks for this opportunity and I'm looking forward to it!

Shunsuke:Nice to meet you! Speaking of the impression I have of Yme-san, I was thinking that he has a nose piercing.(laughs) This has nothing to do with the photo story, but when did you get your nose pierced?

Y:I was about a sophomore in college, so I think I was around the age of 18.

S:By yourself? Or in a store somewhere?

Y:I opened it by myself.

S:Wow! But wasn’t it painful?

Y:There is a cartilage-like area in the nose, but there is also a skin-like area under it, so I thought it would be possible to have one there. I had two choices: not to open it because it hurts, or to open it even though it hurts, and I chose to open it even though it hurts because I wanted to open it.

S;That's very logical of you. How did you decide to open?

Y: I had a friend in college who was fashionable and cute, and I was influenced by her and wanted to open one myself.

S:Now it is synonymous with you, isn't it?

Y:Now it’s a part of myself

S:Sounds great! Also, I think you have such a liberal free vibes... is it something you have from your childhood?

Y:I think so. My parents respected individuality and told me to do what I really wanted to do, not what others did. I was told that I shouldn't imitate others and beg them to buy things for me, or make arts and crafts projects to get compliments from friends or teachers.

S:That's such a wonderful thing your parents told you!

Y:Yes, I am very thankful for them! On the other hand, it was not easy for me to be unique in elementary, middle, and high school based on the Japanese educational system. There were times when I really couldn't express my true self to the people around me, and I felt conflicted about it.

What changed that for the better was when I studied abroad for a year in high school.

After getting involved with people from other countries, I began to feel that if I put myself out there more and more, I wouldn't be taken back, and that on the other hand, if I was free and had my own core, my relationSps with the people around me would go better. As a result, I am surrounded by people who are forgiving and accepting. Of course, there are times when I cause trouble, so people who know me personally may have a lot on their minds - but let me say that I appreciate it.