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Let's Leave your Phone in Your Home and Go to the City with Your Camera

Somewhere in Japan, 2021

Hello everyone, I am KYOSUKE. It has been so ling time since I had written the last article.

I am so sorry that I was a kind of

How are you guys doing recently? I hope everyone is doing well!!

Now it is already the beginning go August and extremely hot everyday. If you have some plan to go outside, please drink enough water to avoid being heatstroke. I also try to get enough water and keep shooting everyday!

Tokyo Street Photography Group Exhibition 2021 Sumer

FRAME TOKYO Exhibition Poster, " NOISE "

Actually, there was a really impressive group photo exhibition called, "Tokyo Street Photography Group Exhibition 2021 Sumer," at Clouds Gallery and Blank Gallery in Koenji, Japan from July 20th to 25th. Three different street photography collectives called, " Void Tokyo," " Tokyo-SPC" and we Frame Tokyo joined the exhibition to provide visitors new perspectives and ideas, and this was the first time that all three photo collectives joined the same exhibition.

Fortunately, lots of visitors came to the exhibition, and I really appreciate for that. Thank you so much for all of you!!

Because this was the first time I joined the exhibition and printed my works in my life, I learned lots of things. I have been trying to hone knowledge and sensibility of photography everyday, but I realized how my experience was not enough and knowledge was narrow when I observed many photographers works in the exhibition. I had to be satisfied with outcome, but I could not.

So I will try to use this experience for next exhibition.

I have an important thing that I felt through this exhibition. During the exhibition, I talked to lots of photographers and visitors and observed so many photos produced from photographers.

After that, I realized how purely photography was so fun and photography was so deep as well.

If I look at photos closely, I can notice that lots of elements, such as photographers intentions, thoughts, desire, experience and memories...etc are in photos. It is obvious to say but photos taken from many different photographers will be always different because even if they use similar cameras and take almost same subjects in a same environment, each photographers has totally different sensibilities, thoughts and experiences.

It is easily said that taking photography is very simple like just grab a camera and shoot whatever you want, but actually it is so deep, and lots of elements that I mentioned above intentionally / unintentionally are mixed in photographers mind just before they release a shutter. Then one very unique photo is produced. I always think that this is why photography is so interesting and deep to pursue, and I thought that I would like to keep taking ( recording ) photography everyday until I die.

I really appreciate the exhibition because this was such an important experience for me, and I could learn lots of things. Again, Thank you so much for all of you who were involving the exhibition and supported us!!


Lastly, I always see lots of people who are focusing on using their smartphones when I walk around the city. I will never say that it is not nice, however as a photographer, I would like to say to all of you who has / do not have an interest of photography to grab only your camera and just go outside to feel beautiful moment.

I totally understand that chatting with friends and playing video game using phone is so impressive and exciting. But If you shift your eyes from your phon's small screen to a very big and wide world where we live everyday, I believe that our life will change little more meaningful.

If you do not have your camera, I hope you will get a camera, and start taking photos.

You do not really have to think about your ability and knowledge of photography. You can just shoot what you are moved.

I love a sentence that was cerated from a famous Japanese writer named, Shuji Terayama,

" Let's leave books and go outside," and now I would like to say simmer thing which is, "Let's leave your phone in your home and go to the city with your camera."

Let's purely enjoy shooting and find beautiful / interesting moments.

Thank you so much for reading the article, and see you soon.



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