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Road to Goal 2023

The idea for this festival has been around since 2018, when FRAME TOKYO was founded. There are street photography festivals in major foreign countries, but for some reason there were none in Japan. So we thought it would be great if we could organize it ourselves someday.

We actually started planning the event in the spring of 2022.

To be honest, it was all new to me, so I started with no idea how to begin.And then we realized, "We don't have to do everything from the beginning."You don't have to try to do everything from the beginning. I realized that I did not have to try to do everything from the beginning.You can learn as you go along, experimenting a little at a time to create the ideal form.If you think of it that way, what you need to do is simple.

"Determine purpose and goals."

That's it.It is very simple.From there, we derive the necessary things and assign them to the process to reach the goal.By doing so, what you need to do now becomes clear.

"We invite a wide range of work to maximize the appeal and value of street photography."

This is our purpose.We are also working on introducing works by non-members through our web gallery called SHOWCASE on our website. Through these activities, we wanted to introduce many of the great works outside of our own to the real world as well. If we invite public participation in the exhibition, we can not only invite photographs from all over Japan, but also exhibit a wide variety of street photography that transcends national borders and includes the perspectives and values of photographers from different cultural backgrounds. We thought that the numerous exhibited works, which capture the perspectives of photographers living in the same era, would convey the appeal and value of street photography to a wider audience. We thought that this would be a good opportunity to show the appeal and value of street photography to a wider audience.

"Create a cultural community with continuity."

This is our goal. We believe that photography is not only about the photographer, but also about the viewer and the photographed. That is why we would like to make this festival a place that functions as a cultural community where various dialogues between photographers and visitors are generated through the medium of photography.


To create a cultural community with continuity

We would like to enrich the contents other than the photo exhibition

We would like to enrich the contents other than photo exhibitions.

For this purpose, we plan to update the website little by little every year.

TOKYO STREET PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL will finally take its first step this spring.

We are sure that there will be many things that we will not be able to accomplish. Please support us warmly.Your support will be the driving force behind the updates.

The participation of photographers will be a great power to convey the charm and value of street photography.

We are committed to TOKYO STREET PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL as a place to present our work and to enjoy our work.

as a place to present our work, as a place to enjoy our work, as a community, and as a better place for everyone to be.

We hope to work together with you to make TOKYO STREET PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL a better place to present your works, to enjoy your works, and to be a community.

We look forward to your participation.

Let's have fun together!

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