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旅スナップ ~前編~

Travel and Street Snap  - Part 1-




Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having a good days.

Actuary, I went to Paris in late January for 3 nights and 5 days.

I like shooting snapshots while traveling and I usually travel about twice a year.

This time I chose Paris, France. It is said that Paris is a beautiful city from all over the world,

and Paris's townscape that are filled with many buildings made by thick stones made me shoot snapshots a lot. Fortunately, January was a low season and the tour price was very cheap. Therefore, I went there! In this article, I would like to look back on this trip with my advice for shooting snapshots in your trips.


DAY 1. Do not Forget to Carry Around Your Sub Camera !



















My flight was 11:40 am departure at Haneda airport, Tokyo, so I have arrived there at 9:30 am because I must arrive at the airport 2 hours in advance.

It was sunny, that a good light fell on the airport.  After I checked in, I started to shoot with my sub camera which is Fuji film x100F. 

Here is one tip for you.

・ If you travel to abroads to shoot snapshots, do not forget to curry around your sub camera ! 

You will easily be able to deal with some accidents in your camera like your camera does not work normally when you trip in your country. However, when you travel to abroad and you get some troubles, such as theft, it is really hard to solve with these issues and you will have a tough time that you will not be able to shoot anymore. Therefore, I highly recommend to carry your main and sub cameras for your travel! Also if you have two cameras, you can shoot as quick as you want when you want to shoot and you will take a good photos easily.  

The boarding time was approaching and I boarded the airplane. The fright time was approximately 12 hours.  

In the airplane, I watched movies, had some meals and slept... I was tired because I wasn't doing anything special.

I arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris at 16:25 local time. By the way, the time difference between Paris and Japan is -8 hours. So Japan was 24:25 at that time.

After completing the immigration check in, I walked to the platform of the Roissy Bus heading for Paris. French, English and Chinese were written on the information board, so I never got lost at the airport. 

I also got a SIM card on Amazon , I could use in anytime. 

You can use a subway or a taxi to get to the city, but it seemed that the security was not so good in the suburbs area, so I used bus to get the city.

It was just before sunset when I left the airport, and a beautiful orange light shined the ground.

I was impressed with this atmosphere and took same photos with my sub camerae. I felt I may be able to take impressive photos tomorrow!!  

I checked in at the hotel and head out to the town to buy dinner. I thought I would use my main camera in all day tomorrow, so I carried out my sub camera for shopping now. 


DAY2.  Take snapshots as usual Even If You are not in Familiar Place 













I woke up at 4 am because of jet lag, and I have spent time with my phone. 

I looked at the window, it was totally different from yesterday and a thick cloud was spreading in the sky. At this term, Paris is often covered with clouds and it rarely gets sunny. I thought that that was why the tour price was cheap. 

At 9am, the sky finally became bright. Therefore, I went outside to shoot. I do not usually dare to make a schedule when I shoot streetsnaps while traveling. I just usually decide on a few final destinations and walk towards them. If I get lost, I look at the map, and rely on my intuition and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. 

It is really nice experience to enjoy the encounter with the subject at the first time in the place where we have never visited!

Now, I have a tip for you.

・Take snapshots as usual even If you are not in familiar place

Famous Japanese photographer, Shoji Ueda said something like this.

"Travel is a fascinating device that transforms everyday into extraordinary."

During your journey, views that spread in front of you are going to be all new to you, and you are going to lose your normal photo style.

 It is normal that most people probably will always release more shutters during travels than usual life, and you are going to be surprised how you could not keep usual style and took so many photos that you cannot crealy see subject on your photos after you came back from your travel.

Even me, I feel like I want to shoot anything in front of me, then the angle of view becomes wider,  so the photos will be so vague and unclear 

Therefore, I usually try to use a lens that is one step longer than usual until I get used to it. On the second day, I shoot with xf35mm attached to Fujifilm x pro2. This combination create balanced composition and I do not usually get vague photos with them. 

I would like to talk more about my trip but it will be so long. Therefore, I am going to finish up with my last comment. If you're interested, check out my photos that I have post on instagram!! Also I will continue writing a new article about travel and Street Snap  - Part 2- soon. I hope you will be able to check them out and see you soon!

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