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How to Start Street Photography Part 4  



Hi, I am Takeshi, and this time I am mainly going to write about knowledge of lens and focusing. 


MF Lens is Really Good for Street Photography!



It is sudden, but are you using AF lens (Auto focus lens )  or MF lens 

( Manual focus lens ) ? I think MF lens users would say it is general  what I am going to write , but this time I would like to share many good points of using MF lenses to AF lens users and give interests of MF lenses to readers. 

As I wrote in the headline, MF lens is very useful for shooting street photography. 

Of course you can take photos using AF lens and choose "Manual focus mode," instead of using MF lens, but personally I do not recommend to use it.   

I believe that when you start using MF lens, then you will know how MF lens is good and better than AF lens. The significant point for street photography is that you need to avoid losing greta photo opportunity. 

The moment you would like to capture is going to appear suddenly, and disappear soon from you. You never know the mein subject you would like to shoot is going to appear on the right, center or left side of frame. The subject is going to go away from you when you try to move AF point to the subject.  I have so many experiences that I have been disappointed with getting unsatisfied photos when I have released shutters reflexively. 

Basically it seems that Af lens is useful if you have particular subjects and image what you would like to capture before you soot. However, AF lens is not so useful if you would like to shoot moments what suddenly appear in front of you. Therefore, I think AF lens if not good for street photography, but good for portrait or still life.


The Reason Why MF lens is Good for photography


Now I am going to write about the specific reason why MF lens is good for street photography.


You Do not Need to Rely on AF Performance


If you use MF lens, you need to bring into focus manually. It sounds inconvenient, however   I can say oppositely that it is totally fine because you can snap photos quickly even if your camera has slow AF performance.  Moreover, you do not use AF performance, so you can save camera battery. It is also cost saving because you do not need to get new model cameras which they have high quality AF performance. 

Some of you might have a experience that you have been attracted with information that the newest camera have a great AF performance and very good for shooting. But you do not need to care about such news if you use MF lens. When you use MF lens, you can simply set your focus distance before shooting, therefore you only need to adjust the distance from the camera to the subject to match the set distance.( Zone Focus) 

MF lens is really good at zone focus!


Easy to Use Zone Focus


The main reason why you need to use MF lens is that it is very easy to use zone focus. 

What is zone focus?  Zone focus is a technique of  adjusting focus by the distance between you and the subject.  For instance, if you decide the distance between you and the subject you will shoot is going to be 3 m, you will be able to focus on everything 3m away from the camera.

Therefore, it is very easy to get a good photos by just setting the distance and