Trigger of beginning of Shooting Street Photography


William Klein. If you are a street photographer, you have hard his name. 

Klein is well known as an American photographer who is representing the 50s and 60s. Today's article is about his masterpiece "New York".


Shocking Photo book, New York


William Klein Published the photo book "New York" in 1956, and left a huge impact with Klein's particular characteristics, such as  blur and roughness. 

Its style has influenced many photographers including Daido Moriyama, and has been handed down to modern street photography. When I first saw this photo book, I was shocked and simply thought that it was so cool. It was the first moment I thought the photography was cool. 

It was also the moment when I thought that I can shoot more freely. I wrote "freedom" for street photography in the previous article, "How to start street photography" earlier, and here's why. William Klein subsequently published "Rome" in 1956, "Moscow" in 1961, "Tokyo" in 64, and "PARIS+KLEIN" in 2002.


Klein's Photos are not Only Bold and Dynamic


When you look at Klein's photos, you may first feel that photos are so boldly represented using blur and roughness. But the composition and framing are also very important elements for Klein's works. In a single picture, we can recognize that Klein captures the various people living in New York and cityscape using wide lense. Also we can notice that he uses various shooting techniques, such as approaching or leaving to subjects. 

It seems that that Klein's photos, which have great composition and background combinations, are also influenced by fashion photography, which is a part of Klein's career.

Klein is accustomed to shoot a model in the city like shooting a realistic scene. 

What made me especially interested was the graphical composition in Klein's photos. 

I am also working as a designer, so I am naturally attracted with that. 

Klein uses so many techniques, such as dividing the screen diagonally, placing two subjects in the foreground and in the back to create a special relationship while creating depth, combining frontal and horizontal subjects, and boldly incorporate posters and signs in the city. When I saw his work at the first time, I got a strong interest of the arrangement of people and how to incorporate the background.


A Great Photo Book that Make Me Back to the Basic


For me, Klein's “New York” is a great  photo book that  I often see when I'm stuck or when I want to go back to the basic. It make me think more freely for street photography or anything. This is the beginning of my street photography and very important book that make me feel relaxed and calm. 

When you see this photo book in somewhere, I hope you will be able to  pick it up and take a look. It's more powerful than watching his work in online.

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