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Self Introduction

Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you all. My name is Shingo, and I'm participating in Frame Tokyo.

I live in Tokyo, work and take street snaps on my days off. I've been taking pictures for about half a year now, but I don't know much about cameras or photography... but I'm addicted to taking pictures (lol). 

I'll be sharing my knowledge and intuitive feelings as I learn little by little, and I hope it will be of some help to those who are thinking of starting street snapping.

Getting started in photography...

Today, I would like to briefly write about my impressions after six months of shooting.

I started out shooting in black and white, and as I was not used to black and white at first, I was constantly surprised by the pictures that were projected. It was so different from the scenery I saw that I became curious and took pictures of everything, as if I were a child again. What will it look like if I take this picture? Then what about this? And so on...

Now, I've gotten used to it a little bit, and I can roughly predict what will happen. However, my stance of just trying to take pictures has not changed. For the first year, I'm going to try shooting as I please without thinking too much and observe how the changing seasons and cityscapes affect my photography. (Right now, it's summer, but it's harder than I imagined.)

As a result, I think I will be able to find out what kind of tendencies I have. And as a result, you can find out what your tendencies are. In my case, I have an inordinate number of shots of mannequins (lol).

Perhaps it's because of what I've learned in the past.... Also, there are many tall buildings. I wonder if this is because I lived in tall places as a child. I think so. Of course I like nature, but I like concrete just as much.

So, I think you can begin to understand your own tendencies.

There are many things that are easy to understand and others that are hard to notice, but what is sleeping inside of you? I try to find out what is lying dormant inside of me and photograph it to uncover it. (If you are interested in this, please refer to kyousuke's detailed description.)

These are my impressions after six months of shooting.

What I can tell you now, as I mentioned before, is that I enjoy recording.

In the future, I expect that I will have to think about many things as I continue to take snapshots. And I think there will be times when you will be troubled. In such a time, I would like to write this down so that I will not forget this feeling at the beginning of my photography.

I hope to grow together with you.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again in the future.

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