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ストリートフォトグラファーに聞いてほしい、あたたかいプレイリスト ~2020.冬編~

Original Warm Music Playlist I Would Like to Recommend for Street Photographer ~ Winter, 2020 ver~












Hello everyone, I am YUME. It's been a while since I had written articles last time.

How are you doing? I hope everyone is doing well. By the way, it is really cold recently !!

I am curious you guys are listening to music while shooting street snap or not.

I listen to music!!

I love listening to music because music makes my feeling and mind dramatically change differently. For instance, some music like pop and hip hop music make me move nimbly, and other music like slow tempo music and ballads make me feel calm and slow. Also I love listing to music while shooting because I sometimes feel music matches up with views I see.

Therefore, I usually chose songs by feelings in each moments.

I realized that discovered ideas and feelings gained through music impact photos what I take, and it is really interesting.

So I would like to share my original winter music playlist that I think it is good for shooting street snap in this winter!

Because it is so cold to walk around in winter term, I collected musics that bring warm feeling, have warm sounds and make you physically be warm to walk a lot. I dared to mix genre of musics like classical and breakbeats song so that you will be abled to enjoy different kind of musics.

I am little embarrassed to share songs I usually listen to, but I hope you will be able to capture impressive moments as many as possible with those songs, especially I hope you will be able to be warm!

Enjoy listening to songs and shooting, and I hope see you soon.



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