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ストリートフォトの始め方 #2

How to Start Street Photography Part 2


I am going to write about How to start street photography part 3. This time, I will share some different types of street photography. 



Documentary Style, which Visualizes

Stories in Daily Life 


Documentary style is a basic and fundamental style of street photography. Street photography is usually understood as a genre of photography that captures the scenes and moments that photograoher  encounter in the city. this style's photography contains a realistic scene that is not fiction. Sometimes the expressions and actions of people who show various emotions, such as being happy, sad, and angry, are reflected in the images, and they 

emphasize the the photo's representation.


Humor style, which Captures Interesting and Funny Things In Daily Life 


If you feel be bored in your life, why don't you just go outside and walk around the city? You will be able to find or encounter interesting moments and things like you feel 

「Really ?」or 「That is amazing!! 」American photographer, Elliott Erwitt is well known that he use this technique. interesting moments marley appear, so you need to be patient until the photo opportunity appears in front of you.  I also understand that it is tough to capture, but I continue walking around the city to find attractive moments and things. 


Light & Shadow Style, which Makes Everyday

Life Look Dramatic


The word, " Photography " means the things that are drawn by light. Light and shadow style is one of photography styles that capture the moments using mainly impressive light and shadow, that are the origin of photography. This style's photography is very stylish, dramatic and impressive. Sometimes photos are just beautiful or abstract. The scene constructed by light and shadow feels graphical  and this style is my favorite style.