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The Fragments are all we have.


Photographer: Brandon Murray

Country: United States

These photos represent the memories we share. The Fragments of the past we try to hold onto.


My name is Brandon Murray, I'm 24 and I am a photographer from Queens NY.  I love the art of film photography, and I'm inspired by artists like Teju Cole, Jouko Lethola, Larry Clark, and Adrienne Salinger. Clouded Fragments isn't just a regular film photography page to me. I want Clouded Fragments and my pictures to represent this generation and generations of old comparing and contrasting human existence, raw emotions, and the experiences we still share. I want my photos to evoke feelings of nostalgia a feeling that I feel like we all know well. The whole meaning behind the name is from an interview Frank Ocean did, and he talked about how his memories aren't always linear and how we see them as flashes overlaid. That stuck with me because that's how I always interpreted my memories or any feeling of nostalgia, it's always been fragmented in a way and that's what these pictures mean to me. They represent the clouded visions we have of the past. The fragmented pieces we try to gather, and these pictures are what I make of it all. To execute the vision, I present some pictures in a collage format to evoke that fragmented or cluttered feeling. I've also been branching more into portraits as you will see. I've learned that while doing portraits I can still represent the overall message through means of editing, also because the whole film aspect can evoke that nostalgic feeling. Below I've pulled some pictures you can choose to feature on the page. These photos mean everything to me and represent everything I want Clouded Fragments to stand for. Some of these pictures I took during some of the roughest times of my life are my way of reflecting. The pictures below were shot with my Minolta x700 using Lomo 800. My Instagram is Clouded.Fragments.

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