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Yannis Karalis3_1.jpg

Tokyo, Travels Off Track


Photographer: Yannis Karalis

Country: United Kingdom

Hello guys, This is Yannis Karalis, I run a project called Travels Off Track, I have travelled in many places all over the world the last few year; trying to capture the emotions of people, traditions, people in action and urban life. Street photography gives me the opportunity to discover myself even more. Paying attention to details in daily life, you can discover another world and it is such a joy! I believe a true story can be captured in streets, rush hour, busy life, action! Japan was mesmerising, it is one of the places that every street photographer would like to spend some time and to create a narrative. Through my pictures you will read my own personal narrative and how I saw Japan.


Yannis Karalis was born in Greece in 1988 and he currently lives in London. He is a Street/Documentary Photographer passionate about urban life and people in action. He has background in Graphic Design and he develops his own travel projects worldwide. For him, photography represents freedom and happiness; a way to live in his world and make connection with others. He aims to bring meaning to the world, for example, insight into daily life or a human story. He believes the adventure of travel is not just about going abroad but seeing your own local environment in new ways, with the traveller’s eye. He has tried all kinds of photography but he has found a real passion for Street Photography. A small camera in his bag is enough to create a story wherever he is, anytime of the day.

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