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Civis Mundi
Civis Mundi

Photographer: Fabrizio Bonifazi

Country: Italy


ローマの街角であろうと、日本の路地であろうと、違いはありません。Civis Mundiは、一見、対極にありながら本質的に似ている場所に対する強い帰属意識、ほとんど親密な親しみを高め、伝えることを目的としています。Civis Mundiは一連の個別のショットに分かれており、一見すると互いに切り離されていますが、実存的な糸でベールに包まれたように一体化しています。人物は撮影されていることを意識せず、何気ない日常生活を送りながら、外的な存在に左右されることなく空間と関わる、そのため写真家のレンズは自然で極めて本能的な反応をとらえることができるのです。

Whether it is Roman streets or Japanese alleys makes no difference, Civis Mundi aims to enhance and convey a strong sense of belonging, almost an intimate familiarity of places seemingly at antipodes but essentially similar. Civis Mundi is divided into a series of individual shots, disconnected from each other at first glance, but veiledly united by an existential thread. The human figures are unaware that they are being photographed, living an undisturbed everyday life, interacting with the space without allowing themselves to be conditioned by an external presence, thus granting the photographer's lens the opportunity to capture natural and exceedingly instinctive reactions.



Fabrizio Bonifazi was born in Rome in 1984. Receiving his first camera as a gift from his brother, he approached photography as an autodidact, developing from the start a candid focus on the human sphere. For him, capturing images is a true sensory passion; in the time of a shot he is able to move away from the chaotic city reality, re-emerging enriched and mentally changed. Working in public transportation, he wanders the streets of Rome with his own somewhat voyeuristic gaze, becoming contaminated by the diverse panorama of people he encounters every day.

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