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「TOKYO GUIDE」is a series of photo book / guide book that mainly provides viewers shooting spots in Tokyo with incredible photos taken by street photographers.


First of all, we all hope that you would be able to simply enjoy street photography taken by FRAME TOKYO members. TOKYO GUIDE, that is composed by a intention to tell each wards characters, would make you feel like you are walking around the city.


After you enjoyed TOKYO GUIDE as a photo book, the book will function as a guide book.

Each photo has information of locations where photos were taken. If you copy an address written under photos and paste on map apps, the apps will navigate you to exact places where photos were taken.


We all hope that TOKYO GUIDE will help your special journeys and you will be able to discover new things in Tokyo using your new perspective.

TOKYO GUIDE for street photography vol.1 Chuo-ku Edition

    • PDF file
    • 72 pages
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