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23区 PROJECT #2 葛飾区

23 Wards Part 2, Katsushika Ward


 I took this photo at Tateishi and Shibamata, Katsushika, Tokyo as a shooring location for 23 words project part 2.


Tateishi, Where has a Old Atmosphere like Showa Era and I would like to Record Before There would be Redevelopment 




There are nostalgic scenery around the Keisei Tateishi Station.

There are very old shopping streets on the north and south sides, and in this area, the distinct atmosphere of the downtown area still remains strongly. The chaotic streetscape  that was born after World War II and developed from the black markets attracted me more and more when I was walking there. 

It seems that “Tateishi Nakamise Shopping Street,” where is located on the south side of Tateishi word, was began by food and drink companies in Asakusa who evacuated due to the war.

Small and tiny  bars,  and restaurants were so crowded by local people, and it seemed that there were distinct atmosphere that I could feel Showa era in Japan. There was a very old arcade with the on the south side, and I also loved it so much.


Shibamata Ward, where is called, " Tora-san Street"



After visiting Tateishi, I went to Shibamata ward.

Since the season was winter, it was getting darker while walking towerd Shibamata. 

I always set a plan and time to shoot and intend to start shooting from early time, but when I arrived at the second town, it was completely too dark for shooting. 

Time always flies quickly when I am shooting, and  I only could walk the way from Shibamata Station to Taishakuten and shoot between these paces. From the station to Taishakuten, there are many stores what I usually see,  and it was a common sight for me. Therefore, I felt that it was not new to me. The places I visited this time are very famous as a tourist spots, so I thought it was important to choose a city for shooting.


Remained Memories from the Past in the City


While shooting in Katsushika ward, I could feel the sense of accumulated / gathered memories form the past to now, and I found that city's characteristic and historical atmosphere are created by those memories  from the past. I think that it is very important to feel / find those unique characteristic and atmosphere when you arrive at shooting place. 

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