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One step forward at home



In the situation where the outside activity is limited, it is much more difficult to take photos like before.

As I gave it a few minutes to think about how we can make use of this time, I decided to look back at my photos and think about my style- which has shown me the answer for the “uncomfortableness” I used to feel when taking photos, and shown a new direction.

So here is what I did and what I realized.


Looking back photos I have taken before




It happens that you are not fully taking time to review the photos when you can shoot outside whenever you feel like- maybe it is high time that we should do it.

As I look back at the photos I have taken, I realised that I was trying to take the photos I like, and those are different from what I want to take photos of. 

It made me feel much more comfortable to know the answer for the unexplainable uncomfortableness which I have been feeling for a long time.


The photos I like

僕が好きな写真は、ライブ感があってストーリーを感じる写真とか、発見や面白さのある写真。写真家で言えば、William Klein, Robert Doisneau, Elliott Erwitt, Joel Meyerowitz, Alex Webb, 植田正治が好きな写真家であり、好きな写真です。過去の自分は、それをなぞろうとしていたと思います。見る分には良いですが、なぞろうとしている自分に違和