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Essence of Street Snap for Me

The New School という美術大学の非常階段に座る生徒

A student who is sitting on the emergency stairs in The New School, New York

読者のみなさんこんにちは, Frame Tokyo の Kyosukeです。いつもFrame Tokyoを応援して頂きありがとうございます!! この記事は私がメンバーに加わってから2回目に記事になります。


Hello everyone. Thank you so much for reading this article and support for Frame Tokyo Collective. I am Kyosuke Hamano and I am going write a second article here.

The main theme of this article is going to be about the questions of what is photography, essence of photography and why we would like to shoot street snap. I do not usually like to clearly say what is what and pick an answer from infinite answers because if I do that, I feel like my horizon is going to be very narrow and I lose many possibilities by myself.

However, I think it is significant to pursue or deeply think about photography and it make our shooting skills improve. Therefore, I am going to write about them.


Extraordinary Experience = Normal Experience