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I Miss easily that It is the Decisive Moment 










I visited to Ginza, Tokyo to shoot snapshot, and I shoot in the city for a first time in a while. I had so long span when I did not shoot in the city, but my photo technique did not change good or bad. 

When I passed in front of Mizukoshi, which is a famous huge department store, I encountered a woman with sunglasses and mask. I thought it was a great subject that represent nowadays, and I quickly imagined my usual photo composition in my mind. However, I did not shoot her for some reason.  

I strongly regret that I did not take photos of her, but it was not first time I felt like that. 

I am not sure, but I miss easily that it is the decisive moment, and I always feel be surprised why I do not shoot. 







Even now, I remember how many times I encountered great photo opportunities and felt like that. 

A woman's mysterious facial expression, a person who shows single turn jump at a scramble intersection, a kid who fall down on the ground while chasing a cicada that he once cached... 

If I had taken all of them, it would have been my masterpieces. But I couldn't shoot them for some reason.

Perhaps the reason is because those moments were the moments when I was moved strongly before I took photos. What if I saw a really beautiful sunset, I probably stop thinking about shooting first then I am drawn and impressed by the sight in front of me. 



As a photographer, I think I must shoot even such moments, but when I look back those moment, I felt that I am so happy that I could be moved by them. If I hadn't taken a photo, 

I wouldn't have encountered such moments. I can say I love street photography because that makes my sensibility improve and I will encounter wonderful moments through my camera. 

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