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みなさんこんにちは、FRAME TOKYO のKYOSUKEです。変わらずお元気でしょうか。

突然ですが、FRAME TOKYO は11月をもって2周年を迎えることになりました。これも皆様のサポートのおかげでございます、本当にありがとうございます。

新たな周期に突入したと同時に始まったFRAME TOKYOの新しいプロジェクト、TOKYO GUIDE。こちらはFRAME TOKYOメンバーが東京23区を撮影したフォトブックなのですが、なんと写真だけでなく撮影場所の住所まで記載されており、見る人自身がその住所を頼りに同じ場所へ訪れ自分の写真が撮れるという、今までにない全く新しいフォトブックとなっております!!


How to Use TOKYO GUIDE as a guide book


You can use as a both photo book or guide book!!

僕もこの企画を聞いたときは目からウロコでした。なぜならこのように写真集を楽しむことができかつ、自分でそこに行き同じ景色を見て、自分の写真が撮れるような体験型のフォトブックはありそうで今までなかったからです。日本に住んでいる方のみならず、海外在住の方は特に、東京へストリートスナップをしに訪れた際にはもってこいのフォトブックです。価格もなんと200円!! 一部70ページ越えのボリュームでかなりお得です...!!!

是非FRAME TOKYO のウェブサイト、FRAMETOKYO.COMをチェックして見てください!! よろしくお願いいたします。




Hello everyone. I am KYOSUKE. How are you guys doing?

First of all, this year marks the second anniversary that FRAME TOKYO has been created, and I would like to appreciate every supporters. Thank you so much for supporting FRAME TOKYO.

This November, our new project called, " TOKYO GUIDE," has started. TOKYO GUIDE is a photo book / guide book that is composed with over 50 impressive photos taken by FRAM TOKYO members at Tokyo 23 wards and specific addresses show shooting spots of each photo. Therefore, users are able to visit places on the photo book using address on the book, and take own photos using own special sensibilities.

When I have heard this idea from FRAME TOKYO members, I was shocked because I thought the idea was really good and it was going to be a new photo book we have never seen before.

Because basic photo book has normally only photos and captions. So book users are able to just enjoy looking at photos. However, TOYO GUIDE provides such joyful experience plus physical experience that users are able to visit sites on the book using listed addresses and shoot photos.

This book is for everyone, especially street photographers, and I recommend photographers who live in the world and have plan to visit Tokyo to shoot to have TOKYO GUIDE. The book is only available for PDF format ( because PDF format is much more convenient and helpful) and available on our website, FRAMETOKYO.COM. Also is really cheap!! ( Just $2=¥200!!) I hope you will be able to check it out!!

Now I would like to share this article's theme. This time, I am going to share many great words from greta Japanese street photographers . Today is very convenient because we can generally know what we want to know by just googling. We have a great internet technologies. So we do not need to go to libraries to find great words of photographers.

I believe that knowing photographers words and their thoughts about photography is significant and they will affect your photos in the future. I hope you will be able to get something from this article. Let's get started!!


Daido Moriyama