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ストリートフォトグラファーに聞いてほしい曲5選 ~Hip Hop編~

5 hip hop songs for street photographers




ストリートといえばHipなHop! Hip Hopです。


Hello! This is Yume. I hope everyone is safe and positive. 

Despite the current situation which prevents us from going outside to shoot, the feeling and emotion we’ve had is always with us- I take it as a good timing to feel, and perceive the street in a different way. 

So when it comes to the “street”, the music genre which comes to my head straight away is of course hiphop- here are 5 of my favourites, which I’d love to share with you today.

 I hope you enjoy them!

InI -Think Twice

Pete Rockのジャジーなビートが、撮影中の足取りの軽さを彷彿させます!


The jazzy beat is as rehymical as we stroll around shooting photos!

The smooth rap makes you chill down and feel comfortable to follow your own instinct.

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message



Big respect for their strengths of turning the hardship on the street  to this energetic music- and making us motivated to express in your own way!

BudaMunk - Five Elements Feat. MONJU & OYG

東京に根ざすB BOYSの男臭いライムを聞けば、日常的な光景を真正面から受け止め、がっつりとした写真が撮れそう!

Checkout the local hiphop song rooted in Tokyo- it teaches you the different side of Tokyo than you know.

Slum Village - Fall In Love


This songs reminds me of the sweet couples passing by in front of me when I’m taking photos , or a bitter-sweet memory of my own love story.


And the last song is….




Please tell me your favourite song with comments! Any genre is okay! 

Please comment below or send me DMs on IG- looking forward to hearing from you!

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