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ストリートフォトの始め方 #1

How to Start Street Photography Part 1


Hello to readers. Thank you so much for finding this article. I am Takeshi Ishikawa. 

I think a person who reads this article is probably interested in street photography or wants to get started but wants to know how to start with.  For this article, I am going to share my experience of street photography and some tips for those of who wants to know about street photography. i hope you will be able to enjoy it! 


Everything is Free. That is Street Photo


There is no particular format or ways, such as "I have to shoot like one of famous photographers" or "I have to shoot something like this". It's up to the photographer to decide what to shoot, and please just take your camera and go to the city to shoot whatever you like. If you go out with your camera, you will feel a little different and will be able to see a different world. Then you will find interesting things or moments in the city, and you are going to enjoying shooting.


It Doesn't Matter What Kind of Camera You Have


I don't think you need a special and expensive camera from the beginning. It's OK if you take a picture with an instant camera or the old camera you have bought before or  iphone. 

Even I have started to shoot with iphone.  It's important that you don't have to worry about carrying around a heavy camera because if you have a  light camera, you will be able to shoot anytime anywhere comfortably. 


Enjoy Walking Around with Camera



It can be said for anything, but it is so  important to get into something you like.

If you can enjoy doing something you can be absorbed, and if you can't enjoy it, it means that it didn't suit you. I have walked around so many cities and places with a feeling of exploring. I still remember the feeling  When I have walked in the city I didn't know at all, and it was very excited. Now I really love exploring or just walking around the city with my camera. 

This time I shared the basic things of how to start photography. I strongly recommend you to just enjoy exploring the city with your camera with nothing different thoughts or bond. 

Just shoot something you feel be interested, and it is so important to enjoy shooting.

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