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I assume everyone is frustrated from not being able to go out and shoot- 

If so, how about using your time on learning?

I have been discovering something new as I look back at the photobooks I have at home.

So in this article, I’d like to recommend to you my favourite ones!

1.The Suffering of Light / Alex Webb

MagnumphotosのメンバーであるAlex Webbの1979年から2010年までの約30年の活動の集大成となる写真集。

ハイチでの長期独裁政権後の選挙時の様子や、アメリカとメキシコの国境付近での出来事など、ドキュメンタリー写真としてもすごいのですが、Alex Webbがすごいのは、そこにアートの要素が加わっていることです。





A masterpiece by Alex Webb, who is the member of the Magnum Photos with photos taken for 30 years from 1979 to 2010.

Besides its documentary aspect which captures some of the historical moments such as the election in Haiti after the long dictatorship, what’s amazing about his photos are their artistic elements.

All the photos (as many as 120 photos) in this book are absolutely amazing-  the use of colour, lights and shades are beautiful and keeps me fascinated every time I open this photobook. 

Most of the photos are taken in North and South Americas so the cityscape might be different from where you often take photos especially if you live in Japan- however the composition of the photos and the use of light will surely give you new perspectives and discoveries!

2.Sightwalk / Gueorgui Pinkhassov

ピンカソフもMagnumのメンバーですが、Alex Webbとはタイプが異なる写真家です。




Pinkhassov is also a member of Magnumphotos, however his style is different from that of Alex’s- I think Pinkhassov’s photos have more emphasis on the aesthetic element, the notion of  “beauty”. 

All the photos in this book are taken in Japan, and when I first opened the book I was overwhelmed at how different his perspective is from mine. 

He posts photos taken with his iphone on his instagram, and this is also full of fresh perspectives, highly recommended!

3.Wild Flowers / Joel Meyerowitz









Joel Meyorowitz is, as you might know, the pioneer of colour photography.

The message in each photo varies from the beauty to the irony of life, which is delivered through one common theme among all the photos in this book- “the flower”. 

It is also an amazing example of series photos.

So the above three are my favourite photo books, but last but not leadt the preference of the photo book really depends on your preference - so what are your favourite photo books?

Hope to see you soon!

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