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Take the First Step Again

New Jersey, The U.S

みなさんこんにちは、Frame Tokyo の Kyosuke です。




僕が Frame Tokyo のメンバーに参加させていただいてから3記事目になりますが、


Hello to readers. Thank you so much for finding this article. I am Kyosuke.

It is already the end of June and we are halfway through the year! You might be able to go outside more freely compared with last couple month ago, and how are you doing?

I am going to write 3rd articles since I have joined Frame Tokyo Collective as a member, and today I am going to share what I have recently felt very basic but significant for continuing street photography to you. I hope you will be able to enjoy and feel something from it.


Go back to the Basic

New Jersey, The U.S


それは Frame Tokyo メンバーとLINEトークでストリートスナップについて話合ったことでした。話し合った内容は、どうしてストリートスナップは一番魅力的だと思うか

という、Frame Tokyoを知っていただいた、或いはいつも写真を見ていただいている方からの質問に沿ったものでした。自分含むメンバー個々の意見がでながら、











Frame Tokyo メンバーから改めて学びました。同時に初めて叔父からもらったカメラを手にした時の感動や純粋な気持ちに戻らなくてはと思いました。


Recently, I have thought that I need to go back to the basic like when I have started street photography because of chat with Frame Tokyo Collective members. Mainly we have discussed about why street photography is so attractive more than any other categories of photography, and we have gotten this discussion theme from one of Frame Tokyo supporters. we got lots of different thoughts about that, but we finalized with thoughts, such as

Street photography is a very attractive genre of photography because we can observe / know ourselves more deeply through taking / analyzing street photography and has a wide variety of attractiveness. Moreover, street photography has a possibilities or sense of new entertainment which connects to other medias.

Also we recognized how significant to know own characters and just love what you shoot.

You take a picture because you felt something before releasing shutter. It means that there is your own characters and sensibilities on your photos, and you are going to know little bit about you, like why you wanted to shoot it. It might be like that you felt the subject was just beautiful, interesting, nostalgic or new...etc.

As each person has different feelings and sensibilities, there is infinite characters and charming points on street photography. Before chatting with Frame Tokyo Collective members about street photography, I felt I was too serious and pushing myself to grow my sensibilities and expression skills like famous street photographers in the world. However, I recognized how I need to go back to the basic and just simply trust my character and photos with no pressure of improving photo skills.

I also thought that I need to remember the feeling when I have started photography and moments when I have gotten my first camera from my uncle. I learned so many things from Frame Tokyo Collective members.

I have been loosing a really basic things, and I think because it was too simple thing.

Diversity だからこそ