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Photographer: Matias Canosa

Country: Spain

These are a slection of Haiku from my last project in Tokyo. Walking through the city I've seen the poetry of the streets and gathered as much as I could.


My name is Matías and I’m a photographer currently living in Madrid, Spain. Through my life I’ve explored many different styles of art; many came and went, but photography stayed with me during this whole journey. My inspirations range very widely, from great photographers such as Cartier Bresson, Brian Brake, Lartigue; through movie directors and cinematographers, comics, manga, anime and illustrators; artists ranging from Caravaggio to Jodorowsky — and last but not least great writters such as C.G. Jung, Camus, Basho. It’s impossible to name all of them here, but you get an idea… Today, with my work I attempt to look into the human soul and condition, not only to try to understand myself but to understand ourselves as both species and individuals — after all, if we can’t understand ourselves, how can we look after ourselves?

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